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Tradition and Esports by the numbers.

Times are changing toward a fully computer integrated society and that applies to sports too.

The new trends in gaming that are growing by the year are Esports and Live wagering. Traditional gambling still holds the vast majority of action in the gambling arena; however, the newer Esports and Live products have begun their ascension into the center of attention.

When will this become a mainstream market? When will odds makers have to research Esports teams? What will the data and stats look like in the future? A small set of companies and games have already begun these tasks. Several arena style games where multiplayer teams compete against each other are being used for wagering. Vegas has even held some of these events and competitions already.


This chart above illustrates the current market share for the particular games available. You can imagine this basically as a type of sport like the NFL and within those sports, there are teams and leagues just the same.


As you can see above there are some challenges to overcome in the market before it can be considered a viable and reliable market, but currently the player base continues to grow. Compare 2016 to 2018 predictions and you will see the monies are coming in

Our platform can support these offerings the same as sports wagering. This is because of our fluid live wagering and lines management team.

Is this something that you, the agent would like to see lines on? Are your players asking about it yet?  let us know, call your CS and express and interest it will be valid feedback.