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Villanova wins second championship in 3 seasons

“Big Ragu” scores 31 points, the most points scored in a championship game since 1989.

Donte DiVincenzo hit 3’s and aided in assists with a dominant win over the Wolverines. Villanova had beaten every team they came against by double digits coming into the tourney. I had my doubts that Michigan could hold their own against a well oiled team like Villanova, especially after losing 30 min of 40 against Loyola, but I didn’t realize just how unprepared they were for a red headed Ragu.

This year proved to be a pivotal year for the NCAA brackets and teams. Mid season being rocked by scandal from player bribes and recruiting tactics. This tournament needed to be an excellent reminder of why we love CBB, and that is exactly what we got.

Loyola Chicago gave us a big dog Cinderella to cheer for, Villanova gave us the big favorite. Teams like Kansas who played well throughout the year, and had a final four showing, were exposed to an NBA quality team in the final four losing by nearly 20.

Most importantly, we definitely were shown some new promising NBA draft picks.

Next year, I expect to see Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and Michigan all back in the top selections, just because of team age and experience.