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Who can beat Bama?

After the set of CFB games over the last weeks it is clear who stands on top.

The overtime win by Ohio St. against Michigan showed a formidable opponent is in the works to take down the undefeated Crimson Tide.

The astonishing part about Alabama and their constant almost perfect draft picks is the power they hold on and off the field. The majority of students who play for Bama who perform even sub par generally stand to be drafted somewhere in the NFL. This record for a college ball player makes the school itself increasingly attractive.

OSU has the same clout as they draft high in the NFL draft as well. What I look at as a sports guy is what teams have the grit and the grind, more than the rank and the

Here’s what is in the works. Bama only needs to beat Florida and they are in the playoffs, Clemson needs to beat Virginia Tech and they are in. OSU just beat Michigan so this is a new scenario.

As a sports fan I do like an underdog, It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out with injuries and upsets.