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Zeke is out for 6, Brock is in Denver and Miami/TB canceled

As hurricane Irma closes in on florida the Miami/TB NFL game has been canceled. I am sure that any other college events in the area will also fallow. 

The NFL commission decided to uphold Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension of a full 6 games starting after week one.

The Denver Broncos signed Brock Osweiler to a one year deal. This guys agent is a genius. He has made 30 mil in 2 years doing just about nothing.

These are the pre kick off changes that may be the most damaging for agents in our industry. Be sure to stay up to date on game cancellations and where they will be played in the future.

As far as dealing with the lines in the Dallas/Giants game, be sure that this is an upsetting event for the Giants as they were hopeful to play a Zeke’less team on Sunday night.

Be safe out there as the storm approached for the first weekend of the NFL.