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2nd Half thoughts.

One of the most common cases of a sharp is second half wagers. In the case you have a generic set of players where most do not play second halves, consider yourself lucky.

Most lines makers take an average of the opener and expected points to cover spread and total. The vulnerable part on this is obviously apparent, most can see if a team is playing up to par or if they are expected to pick up the pace in the second half.

Our services offer the full ability to counter this by limiting 2H wagers, parlays and totals.

The killer is allowing Money line wagers in parlays in second halves. I DO NOT recommend allowing this to anyone unless they have a real bankroll.

This is a point where I also like to mention why the live wagering is so excellent. Currently and not for the foreseeable future parlays are unavailable industry wide in live wagering. So, when a guy bets the money line, it is strait and he has to pay to play.

On our agent back end you have full access to this under “Maintenance” and “Update profiles limit.”

By selecting in the top drop down menu “2nd HALF”. All the options for adjustment will be available.

As an agent you can continue to offer these, but you can protect your bank roll efficiently by limiting the second half limits.