Live wagering mini tutorial.

Using the Live Wagering and “Sports (live) Settings”

“Sports (live) Settings” is under the Premium tab. It will prompt you with a message about leaving the agent back end.

After you have enabled the live wagering tracking and setting limits is easy.

  • For all pending and past wagers your players have placed in “live” go to the “wager report”. This will bring up all the action and description for wagers from every player under your master account.
  1. You can select “pending” for active wagers, and up to 90 days back for any previous action.
  2. “Exposure”, is also a useful tool for seeing quickly your agent position.
  • By selecting “Player Accounts” you can adjust the betting limit and “No re-bet” option. If you need further adjustments, we have a max win option as well which can be called in.
  1. The no re-bet option will limit the amount of times a player can play a specific event. An important point. If the no re-bet option is left open a player can wager his limit any time the line changes. For example if it moves from 3 to 3.5 the player can re-bet the 3.5 line again.

“Executive Summary” will give you a quick overview of active players and win/loss percentage.

The most important part of your settings in the live wagering will be the No Re-bet option. Remember if you do allow this. They will be able to wager EVERY single time the line changes. For agents who do not know how their players are going to play we recommend low limits and checking the No re-bet.