Master sheets

The Master Sheet feature is a report, exclusive to DGS, that helps master agents manage their subagent commissions online. There are three different types of deals that a master agent can have with a subagent:

  • Split – the master agent and subagent split the player wins and losses each week. (i.e.: if the players lose $2,000 this week, the subagent will collect $1,000 of the losses and the master agent will collect $1,000 of the losses.)
  • Red– When the players win, the subagent carries that positive balance until the player’s overall balance becomes negative again. (i.e.: If the players win $2,000 this week, the subagent will have a make-up or red figure of + $2,000. If the players lose $1,000 the following week, the subagent’s new make-up figure will be + $1,000. The subagent will not be charged either of these weeks.)
  • Profit – the subagent pays a percentage comission to the master agent when the players lose. (i.e.: if a subagent has 10% comission and the players lose $1,000 this week, the subagent will owe the master agent $100.)

If you currently have people under you that you want to know what kind of weekly progress they are making this is a simple way for you to use our CS and make it clear where dollar figures stand.

Call in to add the agents you want to your master sheet.