Notification set up and functionality.

Oracle notification agent tutorial:

We have a new service that will benefit you in your profits.

The connection between your sharp players just got much faster. We now offer the ability to set a wager notification with player specific amount and sport.

The notification is sent directly to whatever email or phone text number you like. This gives you a real chance to lay your action of on problem players without taking all the risk and know what is going on quickly. On top of that learning a players habits may help you set your profile limit differently. Our Risk management system or RMS is not seen in anywhere else in the pay per head industry.

No other shop will help you build a successful business like we do.

  • Log in and click “management”.
  • Bettor notification.
  • Manage email or phone number.
  • Add phone number and email that you wish to receive information on. (AREA CODE MUST HAVE A 1 WITH IT)
  • You will have to verify the email and phone number via code before it will function correctly.
  • Select a sub agent that you wish to apply notifications for.
  • Click “can use notification.” (This enables that sub to have rights to add his or her number to their player listings as well.)
  • Select weather you want a specific player, player and sport or sport to be notified.
  • Create new notification.
  • Apply amount and selected players.
  • Save.
  • You will be able to visibly see the new rule created for outbound messages.

When used correctly this will give you the information you need on problem players without having to log into our agent reporting page to see pending wagers.

The service will remain free until Jan 1st 2018.

If you have any questions call our CS and they will assist you in setting up the system.