Schedule limits and Limit profiles

Using the Schedule limits profile tool in our agent back end is something that we recommend to an agent that has players who love bowl games, March Madness, Tennis and Golf. Reasons for using this may vary, but most commonly it’s because an agent wants to reduce the expose level during major sporting events. The limits are adjustable by time frame, money and sport. You as the agent can set all of parameters from the agent back end.

It is simple to use our tool. Under Maintenance click on the “schedule profile limits”

Select the level you want to hold the player to first and then move onto the next step.

Select what sport you would like the limits to apply to and choose the game type you would also like to limit.

That is it. Knowing how to use this tool within out software will give you the ability to effectively control your players action for a specified time frame. The structure is designed so that in the case you do not have the time to reach out to our CS you will still be able to control your players. It is an option instead of setting up a permanent limit profile in our system.

Getting rid of the settings is just as easy. Just click on the profile you wish to remove and it will be done in seconds.