Fresh Deck live dealer

As times change in the gambling world for the agent, it is important to stay ahead of or at least compete with the big post ups. In the pay per head market we are the only shop to offer not only one, but two premium live wagering services and now we are increasing the live dealer casino spread too.

We have added Fresh Deck live dealer to our lineup and the best part, it is no more expensive to operate the fresh new tables. We now offer more casino gaming option than any other pay per head in the game. If you are somebody who wants to provide the very best in entertainment and gaming, we have you covered.

We are the only pay per head with a vested interest in helping you create, maintain and expand your brand. On top of all of services mentioned, we also offer the APS option to open your own player processing cashier. With the APS enabled on your player websites you can take credit card, moneygram and crypto deposits all without ever having to text, call or meet your players physically during these Covid times. Call CS to find out how to get started on any of the new features or find out more about what is coming down the pipe.