Keeping it Real Layoff

Product power

Want to control limit profile, cut exposure, know your player habits and monitor from you agent interface? 

Ask our CS to create a custom Limit profile, after created you can adjust from your agent interface. This will give you direct access to make adjustments the instant a match up or big game is listed. To go even further for a single weekend setting use the schedule limit profile to limit a specific sport or event. The schedule limit profiles will end after the confirmed valid date without having to log in.

Use our line mover to create your own offerings and limit markets manually.

Use the notifications to know if a wager over a desired amount on a specific sport or player comes in, without having to check the agent page.

Most importantly use the layoff if you want to balance a big Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

We offer  you the best ways to control your players and the best ways to earn money consistently over the high and low season.

Call in to our CS to get the SMS and EMAIL section of our notifications service set up.