Keeping it Real News

NFL rookies and promos

The new class has shown up this year. 

Many of the prospects that were placed as possible failures have shown up in a big way. Mr. Baker and Saquon Barkley to start. The running back for the Giants has come through in a big way for his rookie season. Saquon is showing maturity of 3 or 4 year running backs. Not only is he a power house on the ground but he has a set of okay hands to set a double short game threat.  Baker Mayfield has proven to be what the Browns had hoped. In his first couple games he managed to snap a 635 day drought for a Browns win.

Let that sink in.

Other rookies have not done so well on the big stage. Derrius Guice and Rashad Penny to name a couple, Guice got injured in the first week with a 13 month recovery time and Penny has average less than 3 yards a carry.

This is the time where the NFL has its balancing act of keeping position in rankings and keeping injuries from occurring on the field for key players. Teams that I will be watching each week are the Jags, Cleveland, Rams and Seattle.

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